Lovely feedback from our participants in Australia!

Joyce and Gwyneth’s energy and passion in what they do and their
generosity in sharing
their work.
Encourage Joyce and Gwyneth to immigrate to Australia.
Such world class presenters.
Such passion! Lots of tools to take and use world class presenters-
here in littl’ old Adelaide.
Perth, Monday August 6
Expert presenters who were lively and engaging.
Enthusiasm of presenters and the amount of “free stuff” they shared.
Great ideas affirming my role as a TL.
The enthusiasm the ladies have for the digital revolution.

Gwyneth’s presentation very inspirational.
Gwyneth- The Daring Librarian. Accessible and Inspirational. The
presenters- Please get
them again!
The relaxed, easy-going presenters. Even though they were covering a
mountain of content
and technology gremlin. A fabulous duo!
The enthusiasm of both presenters for their students, their roles and
their technology and
their desire to encourage and share.